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Tech Level: N/A

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Sisters of EVE

One of the first vessels the Sisters of EVE made available to Capsuleers. It had been under development by the Sanctuary corporation, whose interest in exploration included not only search & rescue operations but also research into the nature of the EVE Gate. Thanks to the Sisters’ efforts and the Sanctuary’s particular expertise, the Astero was made into an agile, tenacious ship that aptly adheres to the mantra of both rescuers and explorers.

It is particularly adept at venturing into dangerous territories, not just to recover items of interest, but also to bring them back safely. Its engines have alternate power sources that come into play should any of its cargo cause serious interference with its internal systems. Its exterior is extremely well armored and covered in sensors capable of letting its crew track a myriad of different organic signatures.

The outlying cylindrical structure allows the Astero to run higher-level cloaking systems with very little technical cost, and minimal interference from warp travel. The Sisters of EVE have refused to comment on this technology, other than to recommend it not be tampered with.


Role Bonus

  • +1 Max Covert Ops Cloaking Devices
  • –100 Lock Delay
  • –50 Reactivation Delay

Advanced Frigate Defense Upgrade Bonus per Lv.

  • +5 Cargo Hold Capacity
  • +5 Scan Resolution
  • +1 Scan Strength

Advanced Frigate Command Bonus per Lv.

  • +30 Damage
  • +30 EHP
  • +4 Armor Resistance


Can be insured: No

Cargo Hold Capacity: 420 m3

Powergrid Output71 MW
High Slots2
Mid Slots3
Low Slots3
Drone Slots3
Engineering Rig Slots3
Powergrid Rig Slots3

Defense: 4,045

1,008 / 9,000 S

Capacitors: 647 GJ

Capacitor Recharge Time
240 S
Max Capacitor Recharge Rate
6.7 GJ/S

Max Locked Targets: 5

Signature Radius
30.6 m
Scan Resolution
697 km
Sensor Strength

Flight Velocity: 330 m/s

Warp Speed
5 AU/s
975,000 kg
Inertia Modifier
2.2 times

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