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Bellicose II Covert Ops Icon

Bellicose II Covert Ops

Tech Level: IX

omega Symbol


To meet battlefield demands, the Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar all developed their own force field recon ships, which quickly became favorites among small fleet organizers.


Role Bonus

  • +1 Max Covert Ops Cloaking Devices

Advanced Microwarpdrive Operation Bonus per Lv.

  • +10 Target Effect
  • –10 Signature Radius Penalty

Advanced Cruiser Command Bonus per Lv.

  • –4 Signature Radius
  • +5 Flight Velocity
  • +12 Damage


Can be insured: No

Cargo Hold Capacity: 630 m3

Powergrid Output462 MW
High Slots4
Mid Slots4
Low Slots4
Drone Slots1
Engineering Rig Slots3
Powergrid Rig Slots3

Defense: 13,006

4,101 / 51,700 S

Capacitors: 2,364 GJ

Capacitor Recharge Time
540 S
Max Capacitor Recharge Rate
10.9 GJ/S

Max Locked Targets: 7

Signature Radius
71.7 m
Scan Resolution
367 km
Sensor Strength

Flight Velocity: 307 m/s

Warp Speed
4 AU/s
11,040,000 kg
Inertia Modifier
0.44 times

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