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Amarr Symbol


Table of contents

  1. Bloodlines
    1. Amarr
    2. Ni-Kunni
    3. Khanid
  2. Ships
    1. Frigate
    2. Destroyer
    3. Cruiser
    4. Battlecruiser
    5. Battleship
    6. Industrial Cruiser
    7. Industrial Battleship

Amarr Empire

Amarr, a theocratic society ruled by the Amarr Empress, is the largest and oldest empire in New Eden. The Amarr are generally highly educated, devoutly religious, and practice slavery. Despite the setbacks they have encountered in recent history, the Amarr still boast the most socially stable empire and the most powerful military.



Amarr men are highly politically-minded. They are expert planners who possess the cool-headedness and persistence needed to bring their goals to completion. Amarr women attach great importance to etiquette and hierarchy. The wife is the pillar of the Amarr family and the leader of the household.


Most Ni-Kunni are traders, and they are vital to the economy of the Empire. Males are sly, cunning, and unscrupulous. Ni-Kunni women are charming and seductive, as well as suspicious by nature; they are adept at using their charms to discover the weaknesses of others.


Khanid males are proud of their warrior heritage, fully embracing their traditional martial lifestyle. Khanid females tend to be fiercely independent and resourceful – they bow down to no one, preferring to be the masters of their own destiny.







Industrial Cruiser

Industrial Battleship

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