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Minmatar Symbol


Table of contents

  1. Bloodlines
    1. Sebiestor
    2. Brutor
    3. Vherokior
  2. Ships
    1. Frigate
    2. Destroyer
    3. Cruiser
    4. Battlecruiser
    5. Battleship
    6. Industrial Cruiser

Minmatar Republic

The Minmatar Republic was founded more than a century ago in the Great Rebellion, supported by the Gallente Federation. Only a quarter of all Minmatar live in the Republic, and the rest are scattered across all corners of New Eden, many still being subjected to enslavement by the Amarr. Today, the Minmatar Republic is an empire with a strongly nomadic culture.



The Sebiestor are regarded as the grand engineers of the Minmatar. Sebiestor males are passionate thinkers who love machines and exploring new technologies. Female Sebiestor are generally kind and intelligent, and have a natural talent for mathematics. They take most things in life at face value.


Many Brutor come from modest, working-class backgrounds, but they take pride in their work. Male Brutor are strong, determined, and self-disciplined. Brutor females have a dominant streak – when they set their mind on something, they usually succeed.


The Vherokior can be found in diverse professions, covering all areas of society. Vherokior males are astute and quick-witted. They possess an easy charm and are quite affable. Vherokior females are renowned for their shrewd minds when it comes to business and trade. They possess exactly the right mixture of sense and intuition to excel in both commerce and industry.







Industrial Cruiser

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