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Tech Level: VII

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Worried that their hot-shot pilots would burn brightly in their eagerness to engage the enemy, the Federation Navy created a ship that encourages caution over foolhardiness. A hardier version of its counterpart, the Myrmidon is a ship designed to persist in battle. Its numerous slots allow it to slowly bulldoze its way through the opposition, while its massive drone space ensures that no enemy is left unscathed.


Role Bonus

  • +15km Drone control range
  • +1 Command Burst module slots

Advanced Medium Drone Upgrade Bonus per Lv.

  • +30 Damage
  • +5 EHP

Battlecruiser Command Bonus per Lv.

  • +7.5 Armor Repair


Can be insured: No

Cargo Hold Capacity: 800 m3

Powergrid Output651 MW
High Slots3
Mid Slots3
Low Slots5
Drone Slots5
Engineering Rig Slots3
Powergrid Rig Slots3

Defense: 25,527

6,099 / 67,700 S

Capacitors: 2,689 GJ

Capacitor Recharge Time
510 S
Max Capacitor Recharge Rate
13.2 GJ/S

Max Locked Targets: 6

Signature Radius
248 m
Scan Resolution
183 km
Sensor Strength

Flight Velocity: 191 m/s

Warp Speed
2.7 AU/s
12,700,000 kg
Inertia Modifier
0.49 times

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