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Tech Level: N/A

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Mordu’s Legion

In YC116, Mordus Legion intelligence reported to command that the Guristas pirates were developing new and advanced strike craft capabilities using unknown technologies. In response to these reports, Mordu’s Legion accelerated a program of ship development that was itself a response to trends in pilot tactics and warfare. The crash development and manufacturing effort resulted in a new family of fast strike ships integrated with one another to provide tactical flexibility and firepower across ship class lines.

The Orthrus is at the core of the Legion’s new strike formations and provides mercenary pilots with superior high damage missiles while executing rapid attack maneuvers.


Role Bonus

  • –50 Flight Time
  • +200 Flight Velocity
  • +1 Jammer Strength

Advanced Medium Missile/Torpedo operation Bonus per Lv.

  • +5 Damage
  • +5 Explosion Velocity

Advanced Cruiser Command Bonus per Lv.

  • +10 Optimal Range
  • +10 Optimal Range


Can be insured: No

Cargo Hold Capacity: 760 m3

Powergrid Output682 MW
High Slots6
Mid Slots4
Low Slots4
Drone Slots1
Engineering Rig Slots3
Powergrid Rig Slots3

Defense: 19,674

6,617 / 60,100 S

Capacitors: 2,830 GJ

Capacitor Recharge Time
612 S
Max Capacitor Recharge Rate
11.6 GJ/S

Max Locked Targets: 7

Signature Radius
94.1 m
Scan Resolution
325 km
Sensor Strength

Flight Velocity: 255 m/s

Warp Speed
3 AU/s
9,362,000 kg
Inertia Modifier
0.36 times

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