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Welcome to Kasoyi

24 Sep 2020

Grettings Capsuleers,

Kasoyi is to be a resource for you in New Eden, whenever you need info while playing EVE Echoes. Having participated in all the previous tests, I’ve wished for this myself for ages and now that Echoes has been released for a little while, it felt like the right time to create it.

So far we have basic information on the main races found in New Eden, including their associated ship lists which link through to the primary resource available at the moment, which is a complete list of ships to be found in New Eden and their bonuses and attributes. Where available, we also list killmark locations, and if you can help with providing screenshots of these, they would be happily accepted and your in-game character name attributed. (My preference is that these be docked screenshots with the user interface cropped out, as can be seen on the killmark locations already listed, e.g. Incursus Killmark Location.)

I hope you find this resource useful, I welcome any feedback you might have on ways it could be even more useful or information you’d particularly like covered. There are already plans for more coming, so keep an eye on this news feed to hear about changes as I release them.

Fly safe,


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